Free hamper?!

We had our first antenatal class yesterday, complete with Elvis The Pelvis (with adjustable ligaments), homemade placenta (of the beanbag variety), and vibrating duck.. We really enjoyed ourselves, actually, and our confidence has increased – so much so that we might change the hospital that we choose to deliver in (that’s another story!).

During our day-long session, we encountered the urban myth that going into labour whilst in a reputable department store may entitle you to claim a free hamper – or if you’re in Scotland, £500 worth of gift vouchers! I don’t know if I’m willing to take the risk of visiting Marks and Sparks when I’m heavily pregnant on the off chance that my waters might break just for the prize of a basket of good food! I’m not proud enough to refuse the gesture should it be offered, though..!

As a random stream of consciousness, I was listening to one of my favourite bands in the car on the way home from work today that made me think: Hallelujah is a word that is underused in Christian circles these days…!

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