Brothers Gibb..

We all know the old adage that size isn’t everything, yet still we like most things supersized. Thankfully, our Baruch has grown steadily over time and our bump isn’t huge. Big enough, but not huge! We bumped (!!) into another pregnant mum whilst walking down the baby clothes aisle in one of our local stores, and she was due just days after us but had a totally different shaped bump!

So, in response to popular demand, I’ve posted a few piccies of how our Baruch has grown over the weeks.

Apparently, in the last weeks of pregnancy, the growing child can put on an ounce of weight every day (up to a pound a week..)!! I’m wondering if, when they’re born, our Baruch will have hiccups as frequently as they do whilst in the womb!

We’re 37 weeks next week, so we’ve reached what could be called The End Game – on Wednesday, we’ll be considered full term and thereon in anything can happen..! But yes, we’re prepared: Peter has packed his Mars bars, Red Bull and Play Station Portable..!

Oh, and just in case you missed it from Peter’s website, here’s Baruch’s heartbeat at 24 weeks:

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  1. Which means of course that Baruch will be primed and ready for his/her papa to introduce house music in all its derivatives at the earliest possible age.

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