Nadine Dorries – Survival Figures are “Dodgy”

Nadine says what I said yesterday

New figures will be officially released next week which will claim that there is no need to reduce the upper limit at which abortion takes place from 24 to 20 weeks.

I believe the research is paid for by the Department of Health. The Minister in charge of this area of health is Dawn Primarolo. Dawn is a pro-abortionist and is completely opposed to restricting the number of abortions which take place in any way and is very committed to making access to abortion much easier.

The figures average out every birth form across the UK, regardless where that birth took place.

It could have been in a field, or at the door of the best neo-natal unit, no account of circumstances is allowed for in the report.

Of course, to use the outcome of the birth of a poorly premature baby when arguing the case not to reduce the upper limit is nonsense, as 98% of babies aborted are perfectly healthy, not poorly. If they weren’t aborted they would go to term and be born perfectly normal and healthy.

I’m looking forward to shooting the figures down next week.

Three of the four reporters I have spoken to today have decided not to run the story. As one said, “my own paper has run dozens of stories of premature babies surviving and going home, these figures seem very strange”.

I suppose that’s one way of putting it.

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