And then there were seven..

We were eight couples at our antenatal class last week. So, I expected to see eight women for our second women-only session yesterday. As I approached our venue, I did wonder if our group may have reduced in size in the space of only seven days. And indeed, there was an empty chair when I entered the meeting room.

Lisa and Billy have had a little boy, and not without its melodrama: apparently, Lisa fell, and fell on her stomach, which ruptured the membranes and her waters broke. A trip to the hospital was swiftly arranged just to check things out, but while she was there contractions began and a short time and a C-section later, their little boy was born! Hooray!

It does make you think who’s going to be the next fly to drop.. There are six days between now and the next class, and I’ve placed my bet already!

Just for the record, if you want to try kick-starting labour, a fall on your stomach is not recommended by healthcare professionals.

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