Something for the weekend

I know, the weekend has come and gone, but I thought I’d try and make a regular habit of reviewing something, a book, movie, activity; I’ll leave Peter to keep you up-to-date with Dr Who..

So, recently, we visited our local Cineworld cinema with a good friend to view the latest offering from Essex-born director Garth Jennings: Son of Rambow. This is a tale of young Will Proudfoot growing up in an uncompromising Brethren family where TV viewing is strictly prohibited. On being sent out of the classroom during a teaching session in which television is used as part of the learning medium, Will encounters the local school bully who is secretly filming his own video. At the beginning of this blooming but unpredictable relationship, Will views a pirate copy of the newly released Rambo: First Blood movie and is inspired. What follows is a believable tale of the joys and difficulties of friendship, family and religion in the early 1980’s. We laughed all the way through and were moved by the unexpected ending..

So, here’s our star rating: Peter gives it four and a half stars, and I’ll give it four stars – worth a look-see!!

Enjoy the trailer!

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