No more room at the Inn

Well, this is the end of the road. Our due date is tomorrow, and Bubba hasn’t arrived! The chances of them making an appearance on time is very slim – only 5 % of babies turn up on the estimated due date (EDD). In fact, I have heard a story of a lady who phoned her local hospital, believing herself in labour; when the midwife discovered that the due date was the same day, she told the lady not to worry and instructed her to stay at home. Needless to say, the baby had other ideas and arrived contrary to the picture of national statistics!

Talking of pictures, Peter was sent an awesome T-shirt by family over in Australia (heads up to Jacqui, David, Charis and Ethan!) that operates on several levels (see image). I can imagine you can see the immediate reference (yes, I’ve put on at least a couple of stone in the last 9 months..) as well as the reference to Peter as father; it also works if Peter puts on a collar…!

We had our 40 week midwife appointment today. Bubba is head down – they’re not likely to somersault now! I’ve increasingly noticed our bump get denser and denser – I can feel every movement and just by touching the bump I can feel Bubba’s back and limbs! I do have a tendency of rubbing the bump after a bum wiggles, and both Peter and I are expecting that the only way to soothe Bubba when they get out will be to rub their bottom..!! When I asked Sallie our midwife how big she thought Bubba was, she said they were probably a very average baby and estimated being about 7 lb 10 oz to 8lbs! Obviously, this is a proper guesstimate and we’ll only know on the day, but it’s reassuring that they’ll be a good healthy size on their arrival!

Sallie also talked about induction.. if nothing has happened by our appointment next Tuesday then we will be offered an induction to follow a couple of days afterwards. Personally, if I had any control I’d prefer it all to get going in the next couple of days so we can meet Bubba very soon – we’re getting very impatient!!

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  1. Wow, you guys look great. I love the T-Shirt Pete. Where can I get one?
    Yeah, they say its unlikely that the baby will be born on the due date but then again, 1 in 20 isn’t a bad probability. In fact, considering there is about a 28 day window when the baby is likely to be born, it makes the due date the most probable date!
    Keep us all posted! Bless you both.

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