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  1. Thanks for this – I listened in. Am wondering why Martin Hallett didn’t make it onto the programme after all – if he had there may have been more balance (or is that unfair?), although I felt the 2 presenters challenged you both quite well. Couldn’t help smiling at hearing Dr Lisa Nolland called ‘an expert in faith and sexuality’… But I admire your public honesty, Peter.

  2. Thanks Blair,

    My guess is that once Martin knew I was also doing the show he thought that we’d both be covering the same ground. As for more balance, well it is a Christian (and pretty orthodox) station.

    Did you like the weight-watchers argument in response to the “mental health” question? Came to me on the spur of the moment….

  3. Scuse what passes for my sense of humour but for a moment there I wanted to ask, why do ex-gays need polishing?
    I see what you mean with the Weight Watchers argument and I think I see the analogy you’re making. i admit I haven’t checked if there are any negative comments available on WW from people who’ve left, but the snag for me is that the testimonies of people at beyondexgay and elsewhere raise deeper and more far-reaching questions about the ex-gay world. Noe Gutierrez is an eloquent example as you showed the other day. As I say, I haven’t checked this, but I doubt there are ex-Weight Watchers folks who disagree with them on a question of truth (ie disagreeing that being very overweight is unhealthy)… though I may be wrong and as a thin (indeed underweight) person I should probably be careful what I say!

  4. Listened to this; the problem with the weight watchers analogy is that cutting calories to lose weight is established science whereas the ex/post gay stuff is (ahem) less so. And frankly I do think that involvement in such ministry would harm one’s chances of procurring a wife in a way that having same-sex desires and keeping them secret and compartmentalised would not.

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