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New Advert in JEP

A new advert has been placed in the Jersey Evening Post (this morning – ironically). Click on the picture for a larger version. The advert represents the first explicit public threat against the Bishop of Winchester in this whole saga.

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Premier Radio – Different Coming Out Follow-Up

I appeared on Premier Radio on Saturday afternoon discussing the Christianity Magazine article from earlier this month. You can hear the whole thing below. [audio:http://media.premier.org.uk/unbelievable/a98f13b3-1b6b-47a0-8a44-8d3dde8daef9.mp3] My discussion with Savi Hensman begins at 27 minutes.

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Peter on Papa

This week I was part of a panel discussion on Premier Radio chatting about the new Pope. You can listen to the show below. [audio:https://www.peter-ould.net/audio/premierrome.mp3″ volume=”true]

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In Conversation…

I have been invited to join Steve Chalke on Sunday at Christ Church Woking to discuss the theme “How can we be a Jesus-shaped church whilst profoundly disagreeing on the issue of same sex relationships?“. The conversation will be chaired

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Last Week on Premier Radio…

… I took part in a brief conversation about “Gay Marriage”. The audio is now online, so click play below. [audio:http://media.premier.org.uk/misc/a3cc4d76-6905-4a65-9e24-df2f5d537e24.mp3]

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Vox Pop with Premier Radio

Premier are currently using a snippet of an interview I did over lunch as part of their coverage of the “Civil War in the Church” issue. Here it is for all you boys and girls. Just a few seconds cut

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