Voting Labour is Un-Christian

Now there’s a provocative blog post title and no mistake, but it’s the view put forward this morning by Cranmer:

When is a free vote not a free vote?

When it is an issue of conscience and Harriet Harman leads a whipping like the one witnessed on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

Whipping is usually fully disclosed, and why should it not be in a free and fair democracy? But to pretend that members have a free vote on an ethical matter, and to inform the public that issues of conscience will be respected, only then to force members down a particular lobby with threats for those who dare to disobey, is mendacious, manipulative and immoral.

And ultimately it is for the Christian in a democracy to be discerning and to vote for the lesser evil. Cranmer is humbly asking his readers and communicants to consider that New Labour is becoming increasingly antithetical towards Christian morality, and has abdicated its responsibility to care for the poor, the needy, and the unborn.

This is the story that I highlighted yesterday, and it’s going to run and run.

There is a steadily increasing intolerance of religious or ethical considerations, and especially to those of immense concern to Christians. The principal justification given to sustaining the present abortion limit, to the production of animal-human hybrids, and to the creation of ‘fatherless’ children, was an appeal to ‘science’ as if it were the only source of reason. The triumph of utilitarianism has relegated religious considerations to the peripheries of sanity, and the only rational context in which debate can now take place is that which reduces ethical considerations to matters of economics or science.

New Labour has cheapened the value of life and negated the primacy of conscience. They have misrepresented science in order to perpetuate their programme of social engineering, and they are intent on destroying the carefully-laid foundations of tolerance and respect which have set this nation apart. They are so intent on legislating for tolerance towards every intolerant minority that they are legislating for intolerance of the tolerant Christian majority.

We are starting to wake up as the body of Christ in this country and beginning to realise that their are deep, evil, spiritual forces at work in this country that have subtlely gripped the soul of many of our politicians. When the serpent replied to Eve in the Garden he said, "You shall not die – you shall become like God, knowing what is good and evil". Of course, the way God "knows" what is good and evil is not that he simply observes events to be so, indepedent of Himself, but rather he himself is the moral compass around which virtue is based. "God saw it, and it was good", not because it just happened to be good, but because God said it was.

But we know have a Government that is the epitome of humanity that sticks its fingers up at YHWH and says, "I want to be God – I will decide what is true".

And that’s what sin is, and its wages are death.

It is becoming increasingly evident that Christians should think not just twice but thrice before casting a vote for Labour at the next general election. All those Roman Catholics who have historically supported the Socialist cause must be encouraged to at least consider conversion to the Conservative cause – if only to see a modest reduction in the abortion limit.

Amen. Let it be so.

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