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Photographing a Wedding

With permission, here is a question I was asked by email yesterday and my response. I have been following your blog for some months now. Keep up the good work. My brother has just set up a wedding photography business.

We are the Insurgents Now

Brother Ivo wrote a great blog in response to my Culture Wars piece. Peter Ould has written an interesting and provocative piece in which he urges the Church to stop fighting the old culture wars, which he asserts are lost,


Interesting stuff from Adam.

Culture Wars

For the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly aware of the way certain parts of the Conservative Church are obsessed with fighting a culture war that we have already lost, at the expense of the Gospel. It shouldn’t come as

The Archbishop’s Remarks this morning

No, not the Thought for the Day but the interview afterwards. The reality is that where you have a good vicar you will find growing churches. … [The church] needs to be very flexible in how it engages locally and

The Mission of Christmas

One of the staggering things about Christmas is the number of people you get through your church doors. Normally quiet congregations can suddenly become bustling bodies of eager anticipation for a bit of old-time religion. And unlike funerals, weddings and