A parents greatest fear..

We went to have Reuben weighed this morning; we’re going to do that every week for the foreseeable future. And the scales told us that Reuben weighs a whopping 8 lb 5 oz!! Ok, so maybe he’s not huge, but he has put on 8.5 oz in the last eight days, which is awesome! His Papa still thinks he’s going to be a prop forward, but I reckon there’s a bit of Beckham in his feet already..!!

While I was walking down the street to the drop in clinic a little thought created a little dark shadow in me; now I know what the worst fear is for any parent: leaving the house without the dummy!! Thankfully, I had remembered it (!) and it soothed Our Boy at the appropriate moments! Here’s a picture of our bruiser:

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  1. Such a little cutie pie! Simply adorable and I love his outfit!
    I truly hadn’t even thought about a dummies you know! Another thing to go on the “what we still need for the baby” list!
    We had our “whole day” ante-natal class today learning all about the labour process! Facinating, scary and extremely informative all at once.
    Keep the pictures and the blog coming! Its great to be part of it.

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