The Church of England Agrees – Labour are Ungodly


Who’d have thought it? A Church of England report says that Labour have effectively discriminated against Christianity and that in comparison, David Cameron’s Conservatives have a "genuine thirst to understand and combat poverty". More than this,

"Despite many voices in the Church telling us, ‘there is no difference between any of the parties on these issues,’ the reality is otherwise.

"Of all our interviewees, Conservative advisors and politicians were among the most comfortable and enthusiastic regarding involving faith groups in this renewal of the third sector, and believed that Christian churches had something ‘unique’ to bring to the table as strong local leaders."

Go read now!!

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  1. As the report has been embargoed until 9th that should tell you all you need to know about the trustworthiness (and Godliness) of the reporters concerned.
    If you were out of power and cultivating contacts to assist your way back into power wouldn’t you be far more likely to be responsive to talking up your response to interested parties, whereas – alas those in power don’t quite have that incentive.

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