Campaigning in Essex

Spending the day in Harlow working on a Council by-Election, trying to take a ward that has always been Labour. If you’re a Conservative member we could always do with your help for the knock-up after 5pm. If you want to come and help, give us a ring on 01279 429251.

Robert Halfon - The man who ties up hordes of Labour MPsWant an indication of how things are going today? Earlier this morning, Robert Halfon, the candidate here for the Harlow Westminster seat was standing at one of the local roundabouts with a nice big conservative polystyrene poster board. The Labour members (including the local MP and his wife) were furious, told him to his face that it was illegal because it was on council property (the roundabout – yes, I know….) and then proceeded to stand around him with miserably small Labour posters that nobody could see. Five of them. When they could have been delivering leaflets.

Nice to see they have their priorities right.

Harlow is one of the most marginal seats in the country and Harlow Common ward was won by Labour by only 30 votes last time round. Labour, despite their erratic use of resources, have been putting up a strong campaign and if we were to pinch the seat from them it would be another blow for a local party that has seen its old group leader and its proposed new one removed in May’s landslide.

Call us on 01279 429251 if you want to come and be part of stomping on Labour – we need every hand, just two hours of your time would really benefit us and taking this Labour ward would be a further humiliation to Gordon Brown’s administration.

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  1. Peter has been an absolute god send today helping with our war room! I have to say the idea of a number of fit labour activists standing around for 3 hours has amused the whole team!

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