Four and a half bags of sugar!

That’s the equivalent of what Our Boy weighs! We visited the drop in clinic again and Reuben had put on a storming 10 ounces in seven days – he’s now just under nine pounds at 8 lb 15 oz! We watched Britain’s Biggest Babies last night: although it’s good that Reuben is growing and piling on the pounds, we’re grateful he wasn’t born weighing over a stone to begin with..!

We had a better night, too. Two blocks of almost three hours, which means that Mama and Papa don’t feel as exhausted this morning…. Reuben still refuses to lie flat (even if the mattress is inclined – unless he can feel motion, such as being pushed in the buggy) and we’re having to resort to the sling to get him off to sleep; then we have to lie him down *in the sling* on his inclined mattress. So far, this has proven to be a very effective and reproducible way of getting him to sleep when he’s tired.

We’re going to brave it today and are going to meet some of our antenatal group for lunch at a local pub. I’m not worried about going, it’s the getting the buggy through the door, finding a place to change him if we hear another one of those ‘explosions’ in his trousers, and trying to be discrete when feeding.. At least we’ll all have babies and will all be doing the same! I shan’t forget the dummy..

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