Reuben rocks my world (literally)!

I did it. I’ve heard stories from other mums and laughed when they related the tale, but didn’t contemplate that it might happen to me. We had the pleasure of Peter’s parents visiting this weekend and poor Bennie has been suffering with a bit of wind, so when he was crying in the arms of his Omi, I rocked. For several seconds! I had no babe in my arms, no son to soothe, but my body swayed and my hips gyrated to the melody of, ‘There, there, it’s alright’…!

2 Comments on “Reuben rocks my world (literally)!

  1. Omi… does that mean a German grossmutter? We have Opa and Oma arriving for the baptism of our latest soon, (great pictures of Reuben by the way).

    Steve Walton

  2. Hi Steve! Well spotted – yes, Peter’s mum was born and brought up in Austria, so the grandfolks on that side of the family are Omi and Opa! I’m glad you like the photos – for every one that’s posted there’s a gazillion others that were taken just to get the good shot! ;oP We hope you have a great time at your son’s baptism!

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