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Brotherly Love

Boy number 1 adores boy number 3.

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Oh I do like to be…

Well what else are a father and his son meant to do on a day off?

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Start them young…

Reuben is obviously destined for the pulpit…

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Look, No Licence!

We had the council workmen relaying the road outside the house and Reuben got a ride in the digger! He was so excited he carried around “Scoop” all day!

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Catching Up

My apologies for the lack of interaction over the past 24 hours, but as those of you who follow me on twitter know, we’ve been with Reuben in hospital (including an exciting ambulance drive!) dealing with some side-effects of a

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“Please don’t label me”

Forget the amusing story that the children on the latest atheist bus campaign are in fact sprogs of Evangelicals. What’s more hilarious is the thinking behind the campaign – “Please don’t label me – Let me grow up and choose

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