Proof of concept

A miracle happened in our house last night: Reuben soothed himself off to sleep!

Bennie had been enjoying some time thumping elephants on his activity mat when I took him upstairs as it was getting late for such a little boy. During our nappy changing session I noticed he was rather content, so put him to bed, all wrapped up in his blankets, but still awake. I left him there for a bit while I pottered round the house; then he started whimpering. I returned to the bedroom, administered the dummy and stroked his head; WHAM!! He was out!! Amazing! Admittedly, when he lost grip of the dummy just 30 minutes later, he woke up bright and alert, but the concept of a youngling soothing himself to sleep has been demonstrated and we have hope for the future, even if we have to wait a few months for the proper results!!

Oh yes, and we’ve been getting more smiles!

Update Tuesday pm: Reuben soothed himself off to sleep again this afternoon…

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