Busts 4 Justice

I’ve just come across an item in the newspaper related to a bust-up (pardon the pun!) between a regular customer and a well-known high street store. The dispute regards the additional £2 cost placed on bras larger than a DD cup size. A twofold defence is quoted by the store: ‘standard industry practice’ and the requirement for extra material for the bigger sized brassieres. This is despite the fact that with all other items of clothing, the garment price remains the same regardless of size. A group has been gathered on the social networking site Facebook called Busts 4 Justice to raise awareness to this cause.

I have to say, before I discovered the existence of this group, I was contemplating the cost of being one of these more ‘well-endowed’ women. Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, and for me, the change in the bust was one of the first indicators that we were expecting. The thing is, your bust changes so much during pregnancy, then also after birth if you’re nursing, and if you’re on the larger size you often end up going to specialist stores to find the most comfortable and best sized undergarment – and these often end up being more costly than the high street. Particularly when you’re breastfeeding it is imperative to have a well-fitting bra, as no lady ever wants to suffer from the pain and discomfort of mastitis. I personally am considering a petition for a specific ‘pregnancy tax credit’ to ameliorate the hole in the pocket caused by uncontrollable hormone changes during human gestation!!

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  1. Peter,

    Your lovly wife looks somewhat different in the picture than the one we have been used to seeing. Is she a superheroine in her spare time?

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