4 Comments on “Reuben is his father’s son

  1. What with a budding theology student as a cousin, I suppose that there is no surprise that the tax wiz and internationaly politically minded son has now started to blog!

  2. Wow, that is one clever little man! Reuben is also looking promising!!! No really, joking aside, what a handsome little boy Reuben is!

  3. I’m wondering what is on the screen. Looks like some pretty cool shapes and ABCs for Reuben’s benefit. Is it some sort of infant mental stimulation software, or just Daddy playing with cool fonts for his son’s amusement?

  4. Hey Susan!! This is Baby Smash (http://www.hanselman.com/babysmash/), which is a programme that responds with pictures and letters when the keys of the keyboard are hit – great for babies to learn the fun of computers! I don’t want Reuben to get addicted too soon, though……..!! Gx

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