Vatican – If Newman was gay then Chesterton was an adulterer

Father Ian Ker shows us very clearly that allegations that Newman was gay are based on 21st Century cultural assumptions:

Fr Ker, the author of the definitive biography of Newman, said there was no evidence to suggest that the cardinal was gay other than the grief at the death of his closest friend and the request to be buried in the same grave.

"If wanting to be buried in the same grave as someone else indicates some kind of sexual feelings for the other person, then C S Lewis’s brother Warnie, who is buried in the same grave in accordance with both brothers’ wishes, must have had incestuous feelings for his brother which were mutual," wrote Fr Ker.

"Or again, G K Chesterton’s devoted secretary, Dorothy Collins, whom he and his wife regarded as a daughter, while thinking it presumptuous to ask to be buried in the same grave as the Chestertons, nevertheless directed that she be cremated and that her ashes should be buried in the same grave. Does this mean that she had more than filial feelings for one or both of her employers?"

As to whether Newman’s body should be moved from where he requested it by laid:

"Throughout his life as a Catholic, Newman always insisted that whatever he wrote he wrote under the correction of Holy Mother Church. That was his constant refrain. If the Church decrees that he should be beatified and his remains removed to a place of veneration and pilgrimage, then Newman’s undoubted response would be that his last testament, like everything else he wrote, he wrote under correction of higher authority.

"And if that higher authority decrees that his body be removed and that of his friend left, then Newman would say without hesitation, ‘so be it’."

And that (to coin a phrase) should now be enough to let the matter rest.

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