8 Comments on “A little mathematical joke

  1. Math…

    <passes out from fear, waking up fifteen minutes later in a cold sweat>

    Geez, Ould, don’t do that to me!  I’m an English major!  Put up a sentence diagram or some Chaucer next time.  :)

  2. Twenty years ago I knew everything on that cheat sheet and more by heart.  But there is something about having and raising kids that causes the IQ points to sort-of drain out of your brain, …sort’a.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or…. something, Hmmm… I can’t remember any more???  What was I doing?  O…yea, must leave now and drive son to Hip-Hop class.

  3. I know the feeling wildiris. Once upon a time I could recant lots on that sheet, and even in my consultancy days I could do a portion of the stats equivalent.

    These days…..

  4. Yikes, it brings back memories!  Even though I was a Classics major, I still did Calculus and Linear Algebra/Multivariable Calculus, as well as in Chemistry doing things like operands and deriving Schroedinger’s wave equation.  Just for fun.  Now my math fun is limited to applying topology to optimization of wooden train track layouts given finite numbers of tracks with various fixed curves for two year old with patience approaching zero.

  5. Ouch, maths, anathema sit!!!
    But it’s almost worth it for the image of Peter “recanting” his mathematics – perhaps by sticking his calculator hand into the fire first?

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