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If you have a look on the menu above, you’ll see that a new item has been added  – Resources. Click on the link and it will take you to an Amazon UK affiliate site. I’ve decided to open an Amazon aStore in order to highlight some of the literature that I think is useful for those wanting to explore further issues of sexuality and wholeness. Yes, I make a small cut from the sale price (which will go towards running this site), but the main aim is to provide readers with a list of resources that I think are helpful.

Please feel free to add suggestions below as to other books that I should add to the list. Remember, I’m looking for recommendations from a conservative perspective, so in this instance I’m going to take a fairly harsh comment moderation line!!!! So if you’re thinking of  linking to a Wayne Besen text, you have been warned!!!!!

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  1. Hi Peter,

    just wanted to say am delighted there’s a book by W H Vanstone under ‘General Spirituality’ – what about adding Love’s endeavour, love’s expense (one of the best books of theology I’ve read… not that I’ve read that many, but still) and Fare well in Christ, also by Vanstone? Also on spirituality, how about Rowan Williams’s Silence and honey cakes ?
    I realise you won’t take recommendations of anything by James Alison (even though his is a conservative perspective, arguably, albeit one that doesn’t take the ‘expected’ line on the big H), or Gareth Moore, so I didn’t mention them :)
    But on sexuality, what about Phil Groves’ summary of the listening process, and True Union in the Body ?

    Not all of these are books I like by the way!!

    in friendship, Blair

  2. I actually find “Love’s Endeavour” painfully stuck in the 70s, so no to that one. Rowan, Phil Groves and True Union on the other hand are great suggestions. Give me a mo and I’ll add them in.

    Update – True Union isn’t in the Amazon catalogue. Shame.

  3. “Painfully stuck in the 70s” – interesting criticism – just wondering in what way (says he, getting defensive :)  )

    Haven’t yet looked but is True union in Grove Books’ catalogue – I presume you couldn’t link to there from Amazon though.

    in friendship, Blair

  4. PS – serious question – would you consider linking to anything by Andrew Sullivan on homosexuality (e.g. Love undetectable)? Also, what about some of the C of E material (e.g. 1991’s Issues in human sexuality, the recent Some issues in human sexuality)?

  5. A big fat yes to Andrew Sullivan, but do you think that Virtually Normal is perhaps better than Love Undetectable (though I have to say I think that the essay “Virtually Abnormal” is streets ahead of the other two essays in the one you recommended)?

    You’re absolutely right about the Church of England texts. Give us a mo….

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