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  1. Well, I listened in… at the risk of sounding like I’m turning into a groupie, I thought that a discussion between (say) you and David Akinsanya would have been rather more fruitful than hearing from Arthur Goldberg. A shame that David A didn’t get more airtime – Steve Nolan could have asked him about his documentary from a few years ago, ‘Sad to be gay’ (remember it…? it’s on YouTube now) and how he feels about things now. Dr Goldberg referred to Marshall and Johnson’s study, now all but discredited, and wouldn’t listen to a caller’s valid criticism of Robert Spitzer’s methodology in his 2003 study – felt Steve N gave him too much time and could have talked more with you and David A. Was there a reason for that, that you’re aware of?

    Also, would be interested to hear your thoughts on what Joseph Nicolosi says in the interview you link to – several statements seemed unfounded to me and I thought the interviewer could have challenged him more (maybe I would say that…..).

    in friendship, Blair

    • Really simple answer:

      i) The Frank Lampard story ate up half of the hour we were meant to have
      ii) David A fell asleep at home and was late for his taxi!! – I kid you not…

      I agree that a public conversation between myself and David would be fascinating.

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