Is this a straight forward lie?

Got in this lunchtime to find this Lib Dem leaflet on the doorstep. Have a read of what they’ve written.

Lib Dem Leaflet, May 2009


Problem is Lib Dems, I’m a bit of an electoral geek, and I don’t think that the 7th seat in the East of England region in 2004 went to the Conservatives. Let’s have a look at the actual results shall we?

Eastern [Party List System] – (7 Seats)

Con 465526 30.82% (3 Seats)
UKIP 296160 19.61% (2 Seats)
Lab 244929 16.21% (1 Seat)
Lib Dem 211378 13.99% (1 Seat)
Independent (Martin Bell) 93028 6.15%
Green 84068 5.56%
BNP 65557 4.34%
English Democrats 26807 1.77%
Respect 13904 0.92%
Independent (John James Naisbitt) 5137 0.34%
Pro Life Alliance 3730 0.24%

Now of course, for Euro elections we use the d’Hondt system, so the seats were carved out as follows.

Robert Kay Con 465526 (Seat 1)
Jeffrey Titford UKIP 296160 (Seat 2)
Richard Howitt Lab 244929 (Seat 3)
James Samuels Con 232763 (Seat 4)
Andrew Duff Lib Dem 211378 (Seat 5)
Adrian Key Con 155175 (Seat 6)
Tom Wise UKIP 148080 (Seat 7)
Beth Kelly Lab 122465
Gloria Mereclew Con 116382
Chris White Lib Dem 105689
Martin Bell Ind 93028
Margaret Wright Green 84068

What did the leaflet say?

“The election for the final seat in the East of England will be a close finish between electing another hard-working Liberal Democrat in Linda Jack, or a fourth Conservative”

Really? The figures say otherwise. The figures show that the seventh seat was won by a UKIP candidate and that the person who missed out was a Labour candidate. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives didn’t even come close to getting the seventh seat. In fact, in order to have been challenging for that seventh seat the Lib Dems would have had to have polled an extra 90,000 votes, around 6% of the voters.

Is this kind of thing allowed? The Lib Dem leaflet is a total misrepresentation of the last Euro vote.

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