Waiting for Rowan

Perhaps I should write a play? Move over Godot.

One thought – the longer it takes for the official reply to come, the more it’s clear that Lambeth Palace is taking this very, very seriously. It’s highly likely that Lambeth is talking at the moment, but it’s not trans-Atlantic calls but trans-Mediterranean. When the official response comes it’s going to have to satisfy the conservative Primates, otherwise something bland and non descript could have been issued on Monday.

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  1. I hope and pray that you are correct Peter. The evidence that you are correct is that to date, the GS, even the Gafcon primates, have not issued their own statement, which indicates both that ++Rowan is talking to them, and that they believe they are being taken seriously.

    However, I have believed this to be the case before, and been proven incorrect- as in the time after Dar, when I assumed we would actually see the formation of a pastoral council, and indeed assumed that was what ++Rowan was working on in his silence after the meeting. So, until either ++Rowan or the GS issue a statement that lets us know one way or the other, there is little to do but pray.


    • tjmcmahon:

      So, until either ++Rowan or the GS issue a statement that lets us know one way or the other, there is little to do but pray.

      Let us not give the impression that prayer is insignificant or a last resort – what we do when there is little else we can do.

      This is a spiritual battle. Prayer is the best thing we can do.

  2. I totally agree that silence in the public square means there’s a lot of chatter going on behind the scenes and at the highest levels of the Communion. However, I doubt it’s only going on between Lambeth Palace and the leading Global South primates. Surely there is also consultation going on with the revisionists too. +Cantaur needs to do something, but his prime objective to hold everyone together for as long as possible has not changed. I now suspect that +Pittsburgh’s letter, released openly, may have reflected his frustration with the direction of the behind-the-scenes conversation up to that moment. Overall, however, I think you’re spot on – we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • Robb:

      At a guess, I would say “people who come to this website”, given that it is run by an Anglican priest with a strong interest in the debate over sexuality.

      • Wicked conservative,
        You are, of course, quite correct. My not thought out comment is from a man in his dottage, still in TEC, and tired of the whole bloody mess.

  3. The word is out, and it is yet another tasty mess of Anglican Fudge. Something to annoy just about everybody, and nothing actually done. His successor will not have much to thank ++Rowan for. No doubt we will be counseled to wait for the CofE to vote on recognizing ACNA before doing anything precipitate. And when that fails to occur, there will be another straw to grasp.

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