Anglican Website Rankings – August

I’ve decided to begin a monthly post that will update the Anglican website rankings so we can see what’s happening out there in the AugustinoethersphereTM! This table shows the top 40 sites with changes since the start of the month. In it you can see how the events in Anaheim have affected web browsing and led to some sites seeing more traffic (and some less).

Not much movement at the top of the table, but down towards the middle and bottom we can see that on the whole conservative sites have done better than revisionist ones. One interesting fact is that most websites have seen an improvement in their Alexa ranking, but remember, this chart shows the relative standings of Anglican sites, not their absolute position.

Do add any sites in the comments that you think I’ve missed.


Position Website Alexa Traffic Rank
1 Episcopal Church Official Site 155,801
2 Stand Firm in Faith 188,156
3 Titus One Nine 268,772
4 Virtue Online 294,987 â–²1
5 Church Times 302,100 â–¼1
6 Archbishop Cranmer 367,835
7 Episcopal Café 400,971 ▲1
8 An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy 434,384 â–¼1
9 MidWest Conservative Journal 464,644
10 Sydney Anglicans 512,921
11 Perpetua of Carthage 530,926
12 BabyBlueCafe 618,185
13 Anglican Mainstream 701,639
14 Anglican Curmudgeon 860.565
15 Northern Plains Anglicans 1,026,326 â–²5
16 Thinking Anglicans 1,072,195 â–¼1
17 David Ould 1,134,111 â–¼1
18 The Archbishop of Canterbury 1,146,164 â–¼1
19 Fulcrum 1,241,272 â–²4
20 Anglican Ecumenical Society 1,264,593 New
21 Covenant Communion 1,33,7275 â–¼3
22 Bishop Alan Wilson 1,373,894 â–¼3
23 George Conger 1,612,186 â–¼1
24 Preludium 1,653,858 â–¼3
25 The Church Mouse 1,662,575
26 Gentle Wisdom 1,776,808 â–²1
27 Susan Russell 1,839,919 â–¼1
28 Maggi Dawn 1,864,451 â–¼4
29 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor 2,035,984 â–²2
30 Global South Anglican 2,241,088 New
31 The Ugley Vicar 2,335,088 â–²1
32 Integrity Blog 2,472,611 â–¼2
33 Anglican TV 2,487,452
34 GAFCON 3,112,114 â–¼6
35 Bishop Nick Baines’ Blog 3,222,099 â–¼1
36 Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans 3,246,357 â–²2
37 Integrity USA 3,406,372 â–¼8
38 Cranmer’s Curate 3,664,837 â–¼1
39 Gadget Vicar 3,820,649 â–¼4
40 Anglican Communion Office 4,311,612 â–¼4

6 Comments on “Anglican Website Rankings – August

  1. Peter

    I’m not sure how accurate the Alexa stats are. They certainly bear no relation to my stats from Google Analytics. Have you tried using Technorati or Wikio?


  2. Alexa is clearly flawed. My little exercise in snarkery is ranked higher (1,492,787) than George Conger, Mark Harris or Susan Russell. Not only are those three brighter than I am, they are linked to much more frequently.

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