Jones and Yarhouse publish latest research in Longitudinal Study

Hot on the tails of the APA announcement on reparative therapy, especially on the lack of evidence for success or harmful effects, Jones and Yarhouse have published an update on their research (as featured in the book – “Ex-gays”). The paper, presented to the APA yesterday, is available here, and makes for interesting study. Warren Throckmorton has a thread on the paper, but I’m going to digest it for a day or so before I make any lengthy comment.

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  1. Remember, when you read psychology literature, that ‘orientation’ and ‘identity’ are as much hypothetical contructs (invented concepts) created to support and explain a theoretical paradigm (in the case of ‘sexual identity’ and ‘sexual orientation’, they are politically-motivated manufactured propaganda concepts). These constructs are no more real, concrete or provable than Freud’s Id, Ego and Super-ego.

    What humans identify with or invest themselves into emotionally, physically (and spiritually), gives them a sense of identity (reinforces our validity, meaning, importance).

    A person can ‘identify’ (invest/committ himself) deeply into a football team, a gang, a rock group, a desire (Michael Jackson wanted to be like and look like Diana Ross) a feeling (like a drug rush), with a career, an idealogy, cause, pet, anything or anyone that has received their emotional collateral, physical energy and time.

    So far, the hypothetical concepts of ‘identity’ and ‘orientation’ are restricted to cognitive/emotional, belief/value, social/cultural factors and is not shown to have a genetic/biological or physical basis, except for a person with a chronic disability which becomes an identity factor. In Western countries, the ‘alternate identities’ are reinforced by the culture.

    Sexual feelings are a conditioned (learned) response. Humans are capable of unlearning and re-learning new responses, habits and behaviors. Responses can become almost instantaneous automatic so that they seem inborn. This is called an’over-learned’ behavior.

    A behavior can become compulsive and addictive if there is an emotional, relational or physical reward or pleasant sensation and this is connected to a perceived emotional deficit or need. The reward becomes our identity because of the emotional investment. Addictive behaviors affect and harm us and others with whom we interact.

    The more a behavior is practiced or reinforced, the more it the more the person seems to identify with it and the more time it takes, it changes his life, his self-concept and consistent responses (personality) and the more it becomes his whole identity.

    The more ingrained or reinforced over time our behaviors are, they will usually take more time, effort, courage and motivation and reinforcement to unlearn the old responses/behaviors, learn new healthy behaviors and cause longterm change. Old behaviors have to be guarded against as the good must be practiced over time.

    The Biblical view of orientation and identity is that we are all born more or less disoriented and have lost our identity as children of God due to the Fall and must be reoriented (or repent and turn again) toward God and reborn (or regenerated) into the family and the dominion of Kingdom and Fatherhood of God.

    Christians have been given new identities and are taught, trained and transformed under the rules of the new dominion under a tutor (the Holy Spirit) by His ‘textbook, the Bible, which has power to transform us by the renewing of our minds and souls, our thoughts, values and beliefs are changed by the power of God in cooperation with our will and desires. The new identity is both born by a change of heart (circumcision of the heart by God’s own hand) and a discipline of learning new behaviors.

  2. Everything Sibyl said above.

    The desire to engage in sexual perversion (of any sort) comes from emotional and psychological distortions and hurts. Once behaviors are engaged in and found pleasurable, they become more ingrained and more difficult to say no to. The same is true of any draw or addiction to anything unhealthy or perverted.

    The best thing for any young person growing up (with regard to sex) is to follow God’s word – and to always look at another chastely and without lustful thoughts. Pure hearts lead to pure bodies and pure souls.

    In marriage (to the opposite sex), sex is the Godly and beautiful joining of male and female to make one greater whole, and to provide for the possibility of the formation of new human life and of healthy and happy families.

    Those who have become slaves to their lusts or sexual compulsions or perversions should clear their minds and souls and enjoy living chastely and wholesomely with those around them. This is where true freedom lies. As says Peter: “A man is a slave to whatever masters him.”


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