Lis Goddard - AwesomeYou might not be aware, but there is a fantastic network called Awesome which connects ordained Evangelical Anglican women across the Church of England, whether they are priests or permanent deacons. Rosie Ward of CPAS has just blogged that their membership has risen to 100.

The name Awesome is an acronymn for ‘Anglican Women Evangelicals: Supporting our Ordained Ministries’. We’re a network of ordained Anglican women from across the evangelical spectrum, and aim to support each other and to equip each other for ministry in the Church.

Membership has reached 100, and we know that there are more women who support our aims. Some 20+ have been members but are lapsed or no longer active, and many others agree with our aims but find support through other networks.

It strikes me that those of us Evangelicals who are cautious over issues of headship but fully behind setting apart men and women for ministry in the church should be vocal in our support for Awesome. After all, there is nothing in their publicly stated aims which any of us should have an issue with.

To aim towards having several women on main stage Evangelical events.
To identify and encourage women with academic gifts to pursue academic roles and research.
To identify women who would be willing and have the ability to act as mentors for other women.
To engage with practical theological issues.

I’ll buy that. Congratulations Awesome on reaching 100 members. Here’s to the next century!

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  1. As an Anglican evangelical ordained woman (amongst other things), can I just say thank you, Peter, for your support and encouragement!

    I’ve only been a member of Awesome for a few months, but its a wonderful resource, especially as I’m in a deanery with only one other ordained woman.

    The fact that Awesome is unapologetically evangelical is a great strength.

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