The problem with Jedward…

John Edward X FactorIt’s not the fact that the brothers can’t sing. It’s not the fact that by all accounts they really can’t sing.

It’s the fact that when you look at the sheer mad entertainment that was their Ghostbusters cover, instead of picking to cover this

or this

for Queen week, you know and I know they really, REALLY should have covered this

Opportunity lost methinks.

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      • So you’re saying they’re camp? I think they’re rather good at stage presence and showmanship, but their singing (when it exists) is execrable. So what does that leave you with, a couple of guys who can put on stage shows but cannot record anything?

      • Hear Hear!

        My wife and I watch them every week from Singapore. Quite possibly the best thing that has happened to this former ‘singing competition’.

        PS – ‘Star Fleet’ – you are inspired, Peter. I used to watch that avidly…

      • I weep at pop music today :)

        Ok…that was a little overly dramatic.

        Kind of like these brothers :) They’re back up dancers are more entertaining than they are. And was it my imagination or did they literally stumble and fall all the time? You can see the light go on in their eyes each time they remembered they needed to be somewhere else on stage.

        I am sure they will take over the world. :).

  1. They can’t sing or dance – what chance do they have for the future? People watch them because they are entertaining in their ridiculousness. I watch them for this reason, but I can’t see this on an album so why would I buy their album?

    I love the adveritising that is coming out of Jedward mania – some people are getting really creative with it. Found this viral video on YouTube:

  2. I agree they might have done this from Queen. However, what they did was pretty smart anyway

    As to singing competition and their lack of ability in that department, this is foolishness. There is no act in the X Factor show who is equipped to sing – most of them work within a range of five or six notes, the songs chosen often involve only two or three notes. When they are obliged to sing a “high” note they either miss it or they miss the one after [a common inability among non-singers]. It is fascile to speak of this as a singing show it is a pop celebrity show like all the others and as one said the real talent is among everyone else, the dancers, musicians, backing singers, lighting technicians, dance coaches, singing coaches, directors and producers, who spend each week striving to hide the truth that this is a bunch of non-entities that the Judges picked to make money out of the advertising the show sells…. and if you think that’s cynical ….dont start me!

    Jedward have the wit to entertain and not pretend that they can singing…. really they don’t need to sing anyway.

    Enjoy the controversy, Simon’s doing what he does best!

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