Do Glass Pools Break When You Throw Stones at Them?

There’s not really a lot to say about the confirmation of the consent process for the appointment of a woman living in a sexual relationship outside of marriage as Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles (because, boys and girls, let’s remember that this has nothing to do with her being a lesbian and everything to do with her sexual arrangements). Canterbury has come out with the usual kind of statement, which I guess is worth repeating for the sake of filling up the page.

It is regrettable that the appeals from Anglican Communion bodies for continuing gracious restraint have not been heeded. Following the Los Angeles election in December the Archbishop made clear that the outcome of the consent process would have important implications for the Communion. The Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion re-iterated these concerns in its December resolution which called for the existing moratoria to be upheld. Further consultation will now take place about the implications and consequences of this decision.”

Since the Standing Committee reiterated the concern about the moratoria, and since Schori has now presided over her Church essentially ignoring that concern (and the moratoria), is it not time for her to be booted off the JSC? Mouneer Anis has already seen the obvious contradiction of having her on board and has jumped ship. Perhaps by not inviting Schori to the next JSC or Primates Meeting Rowan might actually demonstrate some backbone behind his regret.

Meanwhile, the march to litigate continues and reports from South Carolina demonstrate that 815 is getting ready to sue the pants, the buildings, the candle-sticks, the altar linens and just about anything they can get their grubby little hands on if Bishop Lawrence and the SC Standing Committee attempt to even distance themselves one iota from the central leviathan. Bloggers would do very well to read Kendall’s latest piece and then pray very hard.

Here in England the new General Synod elections approach, and with them a concerted effort from Inclusive Church to change the balance of Synod and pass revisionist legislation. Remember folks, the decline in the US happened because liberals presented fait accomplis on the ground and then challenged the orthodox to do something about it. When they didn’t, the war was lost. The time is coming very soon in this Province when choices will have to be made…

If anybody thinks we are at a time of calm, they need to look very carefully at the still pool they think has no ripples in. It is in fact made of glass, and one well directed rock and it will become a deadly place to play.

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