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  1. An upside-down flag is a distress signal when no other means are available. Maybe the poster designer is locked inside Labour HQ and trying to escape?! Wouldn't it have been easier for Labour to use a white flag? I can't believe ALL 2,351 French white flag factories are on strike. Mind you, their lighting man's good. Gordon looks 20 years younger – maybe HE still thinks it's the 1980's. And why is he smiling? Is it because the Pope has just overtaked him as the World's Least Popular Leader? – After all, Gordon's only b*ggered a G8 economy…

  2. The useless poster cannot even admit to us having been in a recession – them its just a 'downturn'. Which just shows what an arse of a poster it is – it actually reminds us of the mess we are in and the bloke who puts us there

  3. It's also got a splice comma (two main clauses separated by a comma rather than a colon or a conjunction). There's the grammatical pedant vote lost straight away.

    • The lying, incompetent toad never will lose this pedant's vote – to do so, he'd need to have had it in the first place.

      I think it is meant as a distress signal. Isn't that smoke billowing heavenwards behind him?

      There's something odd about the lighting. The flag is lit from the right as we look at it, yet McRuin is lit from the left. Very odd indeed.

      It also seems that he's on the same brand of monkey-gland that made CastIronDave look so youthful on his poster. Remind me, weren't NuLab somewhat scathing about that?

  4. Yea. They can't even get this right. Also…

    'You might also like: Michael Foot Dies', below your article.

    Eh… Whilst intensely disliking the fabian/socialist vision, I … eh…. You might want to change your page a little, sir.

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