If you wanted any proof TEC has apostasised…

…here it is, just waiting for you to press the play button. All the fun at the consecration of Mary Glasspool. It beats me how anyone can argue that TEC is orthodox trinitarian after watching this. Feel free to catalogue the heresies below – I lost count.

H/T Matt at StandFirm


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  1. Thank you for the link, it reminded me of my time teaching in primary schools in London and doing multi-cultural assemblies ( an educational concept that is now in every sphere of life) but it also made me think about the issue of identity. the seemingly desperate effor to link to the native Indian tradition, with some very rosey-glassed ideas about how life was. Is this not a mealise of the American people of having a history/roots and seeking one from the past (native american to scottish bagpipes). TEC has, by its very name sought to distance itself from anglican (and England) and perhaps there is a root of a problem in that it has lost its own identity as a church. Therefore those with a strong personal identity are able to, in all good conscience, push forward an agenda. Interesting that A. Marin book writes of how strong the 'gay indentity' is for those that take it on board. After watching this service I was left feeling sad, because it seemed so removed from the reality of life and people and identifyable faith. Though there were some lovely colourful clothes by the clergy.

  2. HO

    A move towards syncretism? It is syncretism – clear cut! Whether its part of the formal liturgy of consecration or not. The article on ‘Stand Firm’ makes it clear that the ‘Smudging Ceremony’ is a ritual to invoke and appease nature-based spirits and the ancestors. As such, on the basis of both orthodox Christian theology and my experience posted above, participating in it as Christian is highly dangerous!

    • I guess it's just my British way of phrasing things :) I think I'd want to do a bit more investigation before I made it a sweeping statement about the whole TEC – although it would appear that TEC hierarchy (from the top) supported and affirmed what went on.
      My recent post What's in a name?

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