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  1. I couldn't disagree more with this ranty little man. From his Calvinism to his dependence upon Penal Substitution as a replacement for the Gospel, this isn't real Orthodoxy. If you shout it loud enough it doesn't make it right.

  2. Confrontational approach certainly!!

    On the point of supposed silence of church leaders on Bell, he's wrong – there's been plenty of discussion and concern about things he's said and written previously, e.g. in 'Why We're Not Emergent' by DeYoung & Kluck and elsewhere.

    Also, just because a book is called 'Sex God' doesn't make it evil, I do wonder if he's actually read the book or whether he saw it and processed it as 'Rob Bell is calling God a sex symbol.' Nuance isn't quite his strong suit… :-)

      • Bell's first book, Velvet Elvis, rang quite a few alarm bells at the time as I seem to remember. And yes, De Young and Kluck is much more manageable that DA Carson.

  3. I just have no idea whether things on the internet are serious, spoofs of other people being serious, or spoofs of other people making spoofs of other people being serious any more.

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