The House Move

Would you like to know what’s going on?

  • The Extension hasn’t finished being built. This means that we can’t get everything into the house. This means that some of our stuff has had to go into storage for a few weeks.
  • The living room is piled top to bottom with boxes. Literally top to bottom. We are therefore living at my incredibly generous in-laws for another fortnight.
  • However, upstairs in the new house is a lot better, so today my bro-in-law and I managed to set-up the study AND all the books on the landing (three bookshelves). The boys’ room is therefore emptying of boxes and, if we had more space to put stuff, might be very close to being finished. Our bedroom on the other hand has half of two wardrobes and half a bed.
  • The plan is this – Workmen finish extension either Friday this week or Mon/Tues next week. When they finish they clear the kitchen. Once that happens we can unpack all the kitchen things from the living room and then move things around in the living room to be vaguely habitable.
  • In the meantime we wait for all the plaster to dry in the extension. As soon as that happens we go in with the paint rollers and blitz it to get it done. Once that is done we can then move all the furniture for the new room into the new room (from the living room where, if you recall, everything is piled up top to bottom) and then unpack things in boxes for that room. That will create even more space in the normally very large living room and we can make it look like pretty much what it’s meant to.
  • Then, on the 18th, assuming that all the painting etc and moving of furniture has happened, the removals peeps come and deliver the last containers of stuff, including the rest of the king sized bed and wardrobes. We can then unpack all the clothes into the wardrobes, plug-in the fridge-freezer into the right place for it, plumb in the dishwasher and laundry machine, open the last few boxes and get the house pretty well fixed. As a bonus, on the 18th we get Sky installed and the broadband should kick into action.

Two weeks folks, two weeks. What could possible go wrong?

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  1. Hello, Peter – I thought I saw you on Sunday at St Mary Bredin Church.
    What's with the move to these parts?
    Hope we can meet up soon.

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