PCUSA Debate Last Summer on Changing Ordination Standards

I’ve managed to track down the video of the PCUSA debate last summer on changing the ordination standards. Note the minority report and the constant insistence from its proposer that the changes being put forward remove any standards of sexual morality. There is no attempt to address this from the revisionist corner.



It’s quite a long watch, but worth it.

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  1. "Liberals" are often demonised for changing the "facts on the ground" but it's also true that lots of conservative clergy are divorced and/or separated. Perhaps "liberals" rightly recognise that it's very much not their duty to defend every potential form of sexual misconduct? Are divorcees still barred from being bishops in the C of E? If not, then I think a number of evangelical clergy would be in favour of overturning the rule. One can disagree with the presumed liberal agenda and still concede that heterosexuals have done more damage to marriage's record and reputation than homosexuals.

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