Morris Minor and the Majors

Been reminded this morning of this classic late 80s hit.

Of course, most people don’t recognise the follow-up which was a great mickey-take of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Apparently SAW liked it so much they played it at their Christmas Party!

Bonus points if you can identity all the acts being spoofed or referred to in both videos.

10 Comments on “Morris Minor and the Majors

  1. Wow, these records came out just before I left the UK for Africa!

    Video 1: Beastie Boys; Chaka Khan

    Video 2: Kylie Minogue; Rick Astley; Mel and Kim; Bananarama

    Please pay my $64 million into account number 0123456789; attention: laundry, United Bank of Flim-Flam, Cayman Islands, Caribbean Sea.

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