Euro 2012 Prediction Competition

Do you remember the 2010 World Cup Prediction competition we had two summers ago? We’ll be repeating it next month for the Euros.

To enter you will need to be a registered user of the site. Simply go here and fill in your details. Then when the matches actually begin to be played you can enter your predictions and join in the fun.

[euro-2012-predictor kickoff=1 limit=5]

Let joy and celebration be unconfined in the comment thread below.

5 Comments on “Euro 2012 Prediction Competition

  1. Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen, The clouded sky is now serene, The god of day ‒ the orb of love, Has hung his ensign high above, The sky is all ablaze. With wooing words and loving songWe’ll/They’ll chase the lagging hours along, And if I/he find(s) the maiden coy,We’ll murmur forth decorous joyIn dreamy roundelays 

  2. Good idea, Peter. I’ll be participating – no doubt with as much success as in my predictions during the World Cup! From memory I came somewhere close to the bottom despite having ‘home advantage’ by living in South Africa.

  3.  Hurrah! Hopefully I can improve on my (IIRC) second-place finish in the World Cup competion.

    Am looking forward to this almost as much as England’s no-doubt inglorious exit from the tournament itself… ;-)

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