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  1. This is exactly the reason why I support Civil Partnerships.  But I’ve given up on explaining to my friends why I don’t support these unions being called marriages.  I might as well by arguing for forcing a bunch of lemmings over a cliff.  I’m going to shut up about it until all the fuss dies down.  I feel bad for church leaders who don’t have an option except to carry on teaching the church’s position on marriage, but they would be advised to stop going on about persecution, even though some people have lost their jobs.  What a mess!  Isn’t it ironic that the very laws that were supposed to bring greater tolerance and acceptance have actually caused this much division in society?  I got on fine with my gay friends (although they know I’m a conservative Christian) until this blew up.

  2.  I disagree with you. This video is, in my opinion, an attempt to
    normalise the viewpoint that two male friends are equivalent to a
    husband and wife. It’s a well-done propaganda film, but it only saddens
    me to see it. One has to feel compassion for anyone in bondage to sin,
    but not condone the behaviour that Holy Scripture condemns. “Civil
    unions” or “partnerships” confer rights justifiably reserved for
    married couples to those living together who are unable
    to meet the criteria for “holy matrimony”. Please read the Prayer Book
    Marriage service for a fuller explanation of the Church’s teaching on
    this: Worship-Book of Common Prayer-The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony

    • I think you misunderstand me Philip. I don’t think this relationship is in any sense marriage, but the events do illustrate the benefits of Civil Unions.

    • Taking it as read that a same-sex relationship cannot be the same as a marriage and therefore should not be called a marriage, what rights does a Civil Partnership confer on a committed same-sex couple which, in your opinion, they should NOT have?

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