Sunday Times on Justin Welby

There is a piece in the Sunday Times today (behind the pay-wall so no link) by Jonathan Wynne-Jones revealing that Justin Welby, the current Bishop of Durham, is the front-runner to replace Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury. The piece doesn’t really tell us anything new, but I was struck by one particular section.

Welby was ordained in 1992 after serving as the group treasurer for Enterprise Oil, which was acquired by Shell … The death of his seven-month-old daughter Johanna in a car crash in France in 1983 prompted his decision to become a clergyman. “It was a very dark time for my wife Caroline and myself, but in a strange way it actually brought us closer to God,” he said.

We had the same experience losing Zachary. Very very dark time (combined with other things going on) but it led to us relying on God more and trusting him more. In a perverse kind of way I would do anything to avoid it having happened in the first place, but looking back now I wouldn’t change a thing. It was part of God’s plan for our lives and it has shaped our future like nothing else ever could.

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