C4M – 10 Reasons – Number 4

Here’s Number Four.

Myth 4
No impact on schools

The current law requires schools to teach children about the importance of marriage. If marriage is given a new definition, it will be endorsed in schools. According to expert legal advice, any teacher who fails to endorse same-sex marriage in the classroom could be dismissed. Parents will have no legal right to withdraw their children from lessons which endorse same-sex marriage across the curriculum. Already supporters of gay marriage are recommending books for use in schools which undermine traditional marriage, and call on schools to get children to act out gay weddings. The effect on schools will be polarising and divisive.

Tough words. Is it true that state employees (i.e. teachers) would have to support gay marriage? What’s wrong with validating people’s relationships? Are there already issues with some liberal teachers using the word “marriage” when describing civil partnerships?

Over to you.

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