Same-Sex Marriage

Pile of QuestionsI’m not going to rehash all the arguments you’ve heard over the last 24 hours. Instead, let me simply ask some pertinent questions.

  1. Will churches be allowed to turn away same-sex married couples from marriage enrichment courses?
  2. Will the Church of England be permitted to refuse its clergy the right to enter a same-sex marriage? If yes, why not Civil Partnerships?
  3. Isn’t it utterly perverse that in trying to protect the Church of England’s religious freedom the Government is going to forbid us from doing something?
  4. How far will I be allowed to go in proclaiming that a same-sex couple who are married are not actually married?
  5. How can a law that allows other-sex couples to annul their marriages if there is no consummation, but doesn’t allow same-sex couples the same right be anything to do with equality?
  6. Once same-sex couples can marry, will it be a deception or fraud for those in a civil partnership to describe themselves as “married” or having had “a wedding”?

Can you think of any others?

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