Favourite Hymns

OK, in an attempt to get us all to chill out (and to see how many people actually read this), a non controversial topic.

What’s your favourite hymn or worship song? Simply give us the name of the hymn and, if possible, stick in your comment the URL to a version on Youtube. The commenting system will then magically put the video in your comment and we can share your joy.

Carping and criticising other people’s choice is strictly forbidden. Let’s share the love!

My choice? Alleluia, Sing to Jesus – a combination of superb Christology and precise Sacramentology. Go Dix!

64 Comments on “Favourite Hymns

    • I agree. Evening hymns are particularly soothing to the spirit, as Guglilmo’s Resta Con Noi, Signore, La Sera well exemplifies.

    • Works even better if you do it to the tune of The Internationale.

      Mind you, We rest on thee… works better to the tune of the Horst Wessel Lied, proving eloquently that God is above politics and has a nice sense of humour.

  1. Can we have Jerusalem? Come on, it’s theological, da bomb, and even better than the UK’s more ‘official anthems’!

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