Bishops’ Expenses

Bishop's MitreThe Church of England have released the 2012 figures for Bishops’ expenses, but they’re not very useful to use if you want to quickly know who spent the most on lawyers and stuff like that. What would be really useful is a sortable table so you could swiftly work out who was the most profligate or miserly in every area the report covers, and also a search function so you could go straight to the Bishop you wanted.

It would be really useful y’know.

Fret ye not….

[table id=1 /]

8 Comments on “Bishops’ Expenses

  1. Does Europe mark the dividing line between diocesan and area of suffragan bishops?
    St Germans achieved his remarkable performance by retiring at the end of the previous year!

  2. Nice to see that the Bishops get their expenses of office reimbursed.

    As that is the case, isn’t it time that the Archbishops and Bishops consisted accepting the same level of stipend (and pension) as ordinary clergy? That would set a really good example to UK society; and it would help show that “we are all in this together” on affordable clergy pensions; AND it would help reduce the Church Commissioners’ and Clergy Pension Scheme’s deficits.

  3. How does the Bishop of Manchester have negative housing costs? Did the Government pay him to move into Moss Side as a regeneration measure?


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