Parliamentary Debate on Reparative Therapy

Video of today’s debate in Westminster Hall. Move forward to 16:00 hours to see it all.

The most interesting thing about the proposer was that she presented absolutely no evidence that conversion therapies did or didn’t work or that it did or didn’t cause any harm. That’s a very dangerous place to be making legislation from.

3 Comments on “Parliamentary Debate on Reparative Therapy

  1. Depends entirely on your starting point. If you believe as you do then you would be likely to not recognise harm which those with my vuew would have no problem with.
    Realky this is about competing worldviews. While I believe it is acceptable for people to hold whatever views they wish in the private sphere I openly call for the removal of as much religion as possible from the public sphere. Removal of this sort of therapy is part of that aim

    • No Mike, if you claim that SOCE cause harm then you need to document that with proper clinical research. There is only ONE piece of longitudinal research so far that in any way assesses such claims from such a standard and it found no evidence of harm. Other studies (S&S for eg) are just convenience samples.

      And you know what Mike, if you could find me some proper research evidence that SOCE do cause harm then I would be the first to ask for them to be banned.

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