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Has Helmer got a point?

Did you read this in the Daily Mail (yes, I know) today? Helmer says the NHS should be allowed to spend money on helping homosexuals become straight. He says it is no different to NHS sex-change operations and, bizarrely, compares

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

The “Cure Me, I’m Gay” documentary earlier this week has got me thinking. One thing that I have noticed amongst men who seek to change their homosexuality is that often they feel that the church will see them as somehow

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Cure Me, I’m Gay

You know, it is possible to make a great documentary that is lousy science. In Cure Me, I’m Gay, TV doctor Christian Jessen made a tour around various therapies and approaches to reduce homosexuality (the eponimous host of Embarrassing Bodies

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Core Issues on the Conversion Therapy Consensus Statement

It’s interesting stuff and all to do with exactly what evidence is being provided to support policy decisions. “There is no good evidence this works and we believe it has the potential to cause harm…” 1. What is Conversion therapy?

Court of Appeal Ruling on Core Issues vs TfL

Here it is and it’s juicy. These are the best bits. 34. It is common ground that a public body cannot exercise a statutory power for an improper purpose: see De Smith’s Judicial Review at paras 5-082 to 5-119. It

ACC “Bans” Reparative Therapy

In an extraordinary move the Association of Christian Counsellors in the UK has asked its members not to conduct reparative therapy. In December 2012, ACC made a statement to its members supporting and clarifying our ethical framework. The Board has