Jersey – The Questions the Diocese Won’t Answer

Earlier this afternoon I asked the following questions of the Diocese of Winchester, through their PR firm Luther Pendragon.

Here are the questions.

I quote from the Bishop’s statement;

“I have received legal representations from an interested party requiring me to undertake not to release the report to any person.  On legal advice I have agreed to comply with the request and this means that I am currently unable to publish the report or provide further information about the representations that have been made.”

Can you please tell me;

Question Marki) Whether there has been a formal injunction taken out to prevent the publication of the Steel Report, or any other instrument or order of court.
ii) Who has taken out this injunction / instrument or order of court.
iii) If you cannot answer (ii), please can you tell me why not. Does the injunction specifically prevent the release of the name or is the Diocese choosing to withhold it?
iv) If there is no formal injunction / instrument, please can you tell me who has asked for the report to be withheld? If not, why not?
v) If there is no injunction, is a “legal interest” a strong enough cause to withhold the name?


vi) Has the Diocese had any representations from Jan Korris, or anybody representing her, asking for the Steel Report to be withheld? Yes or no?

Here is Luther Pendragon’s response.

I’m very sorry but unfortunately we can’t offer any further comment for legal reasons.

I’ll let you make up your minds why they won’t answer the questions I posed, especially the last one. As far as I can see, there is no problem simply letting us know whether there is or isn’t an injunction in place, or denying whether a named individual has or hasn’t attempted to block the publication of the Steel Report. What possible reason is there for not simply batting down a name when it is suggested to them?

And all this in the name of transparency and safeguarding.

I understand ITV on the Channel Islands has an exclusive interview at 6pm.