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Complaints Laid against Bishop of Winchester

The BBC in Jersey has the report. Two complaints have been lodged against the Bishop of Winchester over how he dealt with the Anglican Church in Jersey, the BBC understands. The Channel Islands split from the Diocese of Winchester in

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How to win a PR Battle

How do you win a PR battle? Lesson 1, brief your media. Look at this story in yesterday’s Church Times. Bishop Dakin’s decision over Jersey upheld A JUDGE reviewing a safeguarding complaint in Jersey has upheld the decision by the

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Jersey – A Dangerous Thought

I read the following sections of the Channel Islands Agreement that it hands ALL functions of the Bishop of Winchester in relation to Jersey over to the Bishop of Dover. The Bishop of Winchester, (i) appoints the Bishop of Dover as an Assistant Bishop in the

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Breaking – Steel Report Blocked by +Winchester

I’m hearing from a number of sources this evening that Dame Heather Steel has given her report to Tim Dakin, the Bishop of Winchester. I understand that Tim Dakin has refused to send it to the Dean of Jersey, the

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Channel Islands Commission Going Ahead

According to the Archbishop (on the BBC). A commission is to look at the relationship between the Anglican Church in the Channel Islands and the Diocese of Winchester after they split, the Archbishop of Canterbury says. The islands split from

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Jersey Agreement

Hot off the presses. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Winchester, the Bishop of Dover and each of the Deans of Jersey and Guernsey have today signed an agreement to give effect to the interim oversight arrangements announced in

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