Suppressing Sexuality

It always amuses me when people are accused of “suppressing their sexuality”. What the person who says this often means is that the person they are labelling is somehow “denying” who they really are and are living a lie about their real emotions and attractions.

In reality, some of the healthiest celibate homosexual testimonies you will hear are actually totally honest about what their attractions are. If you stand up in public and say “I am attracted to people of the same-sex”, what exactly are you suppressing?

Here’s Sam’s testimony from the Living Out site.

Now what exactly is he suppressing here? He’s perfectly open about his sexual attractions so nothing is hidden away or pushed down.

Is it perhaps that when people are accused of “suppressing sexuality” as though that’s a bad thing what they’re actually being accused of is not wanting to enter into an erotic relationship. But if this is a bad thing, what about all the avowed celibates? What about monks and nuns? What about single parents who are too busy raising their children to get into relationships (however much they would want one)?

Ultimately the accusation of “suppressing sexuality” is actually an angry response to seeing someone not live the life that you want them to. Instead of allowing people to make healthy and Biblically loyal choices about their relationships and sex-lives, some people have to attack them because those healthy choices undermine the attacker’s own world view where same-sex attraction has to be acted upon otherwise somebody would be emotionally restricted. Problem is, when you find someone who isn’t emotionally restricted and damaged because they haven’t acted on their same-sex attractions, how do you handle it?

It appears, by attacking the person who challenges your paradigms.

Now excuse me, I have a busy afternoon of sexuality suppressing to do. It exhausts me don’t you know…