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FAQAfter yet another predictable twitter conversation where someone has decided that they know exactly what I think and why I said a particular question (without actually bothering to talk to me first), I’ve decided to write a FAQ for the blog. This is intended to be a quick list of questions that I can point people to when they say “Well what DO you think about X, Y or Z”.

So the questions will like:

  • Do you believe people are born gay or that it’s entirely psychological?
  • Do you believe anyone can change their sexuality?
  • Why do you go on and on and on about sexuality?
  • What’s your stance on gay marriage?

You know, that kind of thing. So what I need is sensible suggestions of questions I should answer in my FAQ.

Go for it…

10 Comments on “Writing a FAQ

  1. Hi Peter, what about pointing out why the distinction between same-sex attraction & activity is important in the debate?

  2. How, and why, you came to believe in a model of biblical authority that prevents you from saying that Paul of Tarsus was simply wrong.

  3. Do you think being gay is a mental illness?
    Why do you run this website if it offends people? Do you like receiving hate mail?
    Do you ever worry that your website is adding to prejudice against gay people and reinforcing exclusion from society/families?

  4. Specifically with regards the CofE:
    We can’t there be two integrities within the church? And therefore two practises? In much the same way as there are two integrities with regards womens ministry?

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