Paschal Candle 2014Rejoice now, all you heavenly choirs of angels;
Rejoice now, all creation;
Sound forth, trumpet of salvation,
And proclaim the triumph of our King.
Rejoice too, all the earth,
In the radiance of the light now poured upon you
And made brilliant by the brightness of the everlasting King;
Know that the ancient darkness has been forever banished.
Rejoice, O Church of Christ,
Clothed in the brightness of this light;
Let all this house of God ring out with rejoicing,
With the praises of all God’s faithful people.

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  1. Thanks Peter for highlighting this. I really like the song and images but the sound quality is pretty appalling. Fortunately there is another version of this on Youtube which is exactly the other way round, ie better quality sound but not so good images. 5 mins with MoviPlus can sort that out by swapping them round if you want to use it yourself in worship.

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